Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Ice ice cream baby

I know it's Easter and easter chocolate eggs are all around,
but I am much more interested in these!!

Spotted these at the Bio/ Nature shop the other day!
Have you seen the names and the flavors!
instant attraction!

So for those of you who are intolerant to a lot of stuff and stayed clear of ice cream (dairy ect.)
no longer!!
Those days are over!

These are gluten / soy / lactose free and kosher

ok ok, it is this processed food, but seriously with flavors like these... who cares?

To check out!
Professor Grunschnabel


Anonymous said...

Bio winkel in A'pen?

les petites pestes said...


Ja in Het Natuurhuis liggen die ( tussen de meir en hopland ) , in een frigo gevaarlijk dichbij de kassa's! Perfect voor impuls aankopen! ;-)

En lekker?