Thursday, February 28, 2013

Celeste and Jesse's soundtrack forever!

The other day, I watched a great little movie.
 - Thank you Apple TV!! You know I love my gadgets!! -
With a terrible soundtrack. Terrible in a awesome way!

Here's one of the songs!
press play!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tuck Shop

In Paris I kind of have my breakfast/ lunch/ dinner routine!
A bob's juice bar, followed by lunch at Merci, and then hopefully a burger a Coffee Parisien...

But now, I have this little problem called Tuck Shop

For breakfast they have this delicious pain sportive.
Toasted fruit and nut bread topped of with delicious almond butter.
And wake up with some hot vegetal milk with a delicious dandelion taste.

For lunch, 
no need to head to New York's Cafe Gitane anymore.
They have mastered avocado on toast with chilli flakes and lemon to a T.
If that's not gonna cut it for lunch, they have these seriously dangerous sandwiches and soups!!

Sweet cravings?
taking care of!
Just choose between all the freshly baked cakes, scones and cookies!

Think I will have to reorganize my whole Paris routine,
and hang around Canal St. Martin, Place de la Republique and Le Marais all day long!!
So I can go there for breakfast, a coffee at 11:00, lunch, a little something at 4 o'clock,...

To check out:

Rue Lucien Sampaix ,13
10ieme Paris

Tuesday, February 26, 2013



First of all,
I think I owe our readers an apology for disappearing on you like that!
But don't worry, we haven't fallen of the earth.
Instead, I have been around it, and the other Petite Peste has put someone new on it!

I have so much to share with you, all the new places I have discovered, the new foods I've tried, the music I have been listening to ( actually not that much... Frank Ocean and Swedish House Mafia are on a loop) , the pestite peste style craziness we have been up to!
Kind of lost my blogging ways, but I realized that sharing things with you really make me happy, and I can't let busy schedules win me over!
I'll give you a little preview!

Before doing our reappearance act, we wanted to change it up a bit, freshen it all up.
But that means, spending more time away from you, so we've decided to to it gradually...
And maybe one day ( hopefully soon) you'll discover a whole new lay out!

We also wanted to thank you!! For giving that kick in the butt to wake up again and start blogging!
Keep your messages coming! ( It's so heart warming to hear from you!)

PS;  There is a little report of what I have been up to the few weeks on belmodo!! :-))
 Trippin' around with Steph Rosseel! What an adventure!! Read all about it here!

So coming soon:
Travels , Food , new places to hang, eat,see...

Kiss!! x