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pic Curtis Kulig

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'Smokin'! 'Smeaches

Forget 'Smores ( chocolate , petit beurre and marshmallow)
Take a look at these!!!
A more 'healthy' treat?

Just a few month so late!!
No peaches, no sun, no warm weather!

By the way, peaches look orange inside...
qualifies as a  Halloween theamed orange dessert!!!

TO BAKE: check this blog 

Books of the moment

Since i've received this book fron my oooh so sweet ' Martha Stewart on Louboutins' boss I have been cooking all my meals from this book!

Everything looks deeeeelicious!!
Even baked bread!!
Looked to easy and to delicious not to give it a try!

Think: Poached plums with Oatmeal
sourdough bread with goat yogurt and grilled tomatoes
Mushrooms on toast
French toast with greek yogurt warm blueberries and blackberries

You know what.... just go and shop it!!

Ever since Chantal from Step by Step ( Antwerp, Lombardenvest) showed us this book, I just can't stop thinking about it!
I was already sold at looking at the cover and that blue trimming around the pages!

ooooh can't stop thinking about how this book would look good in my interior!
but can stop thinking about how this book wouldn't make my interior look good...

Thanks Chantal!
And no thanks... Maybe I should distract my mind with that Woolrich hat!

I think Marc Grossman, without even knowing him, is starting to become one of my favorite persons!
With his Bob's Juice Bar in Paris ( read our Paris Lunch spot blogpost)
then Bob's Kitchen,his previous books, one all about bagels 
( looooove a good bagel with cream cheese, jam, and an egg sunny side up - i know sound weird - tastes awesome!!), and one all about muffins,
I think he just wrote the best book ever about the best subject ever!
New York desserts!!
Carrot Cake, Cheese Cake, PanCake, Pecan Pie, Apple Pie, basically all the best things ending with - cake and -pie.
All American New York recipes for a wanna be New York girl.

Before the movie, read the book!
Don't panic, it's a tiny one with 213 pages...

How can they make a hour and a half movie out of such a small book you wonder?
Well I could fill a movie with shooting Johnny Depp from every angle!

Great read, great writer, will be a great movie!

From Season to Season by Sophie Dahl
Living in Brussels by Muriel Verbist and Diane Hendrickx
Un gouter a New York by Marc Grossman
Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Black + Burgundy

You sexy thing! Chef at Home

Hey! New Sergio Herman ( super chef extraordinaire from Oud Sluis) for Obumex Kitchen,

Let's get dirty!

I think not even all the recipes on Tastespotting are going to satisfy me...
The cooking possibilities with this kitchen are endless!!

You get a Thermomix, a warm drawing, a cooling drawer, some special mini basin to place your used cutlery and dirty mixer , a teppanyaki surface,... shall i go on?
All blended into one super kitchen block!

Brute wood, stainless steel, black laquer, leather handles...

Can I handle you?

Bon, and if you insist, when you come to install my new kitchen, you can deliver that chef at my home too.


( Sponsors anyone? I'll bake pancakes, cupcakes and burgers for a lifetime!)

COOKBOOK - Honey Yogurt Waffles


Another  weekend another waffle recipe!
And these are LPP and brother approved!!!

Ready? Set? BAKE!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Tune - Rustie with All Night

Be open for this one before you press play..

Rustie - All Night

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bread and Marmelade

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Forget those gels and processed power bars when you can make these delicious homemade crap free healthy energy bars!

When my brother got exited over this recipe and asked me to make it, I was totally in!!
Any chance I get to make home made versions of junk food I'm in!!
(Remember the oreo's? Burgers?)
Especially when I can turn my brother to the dark side of healthy foods..

He also always get super exited when his online shopping boxes arrive and wants to show of his new Rapha cycling stuff.
At first I just looked and acted interested, ( being the nice person that i am...)
but I have to admit, those jackets are amazingly gorgeous and ingenious!
( not al all what I imagined when i think of cycling gear!)

I want!!
You'll want it toooo!

( with or without a bike!
Remember that episode where Joey in Friends pretended to have a Porsche...
maybe I can pretend to have a bike to I can strut around in my Rapha gear)

sunday morning

Paris eats...

Aaaaaah Paris!

Forget about getting a baguette at Poilane in the morning! Forget about Laduree in the afternoon....
Go here instead!

When I make my planning to go on a city trip to Paris, fitting in all my favorite places proves to be quite the challenge!
It's no so much about the shopping, but more about the breakfast'ing  brunching lunching,...

3 meals a day just aren't enough!!

Alright.... One place, 3 breakfast/lunch/brunch options!!
Tough call!

Sunny and hot, jump on one of those chairs on the terras on the boulevard..
Is it getting colder or in the need of a cosy chair or the smell of books?
Snuggle in the Library..
Get an egg, a yoghurt,scone with marmelade and a tea ( served in LPP's favorite tea pots).
Is it afternoon already? There's cake!!

Get a big lunch at La Cantine, below is the basement... And when I say basement I doesn't do the place any justice! Really cool light chill lunchspot between all the cookware and household stuff
Or if you are in a rush to go to the next address on the list, grab a take away at the Merci Deli shop next to the big entrance

111 Boulevard Beaumarchais
75003 Paris
Closed on Sunday
Open from Monday to Saturday from 10 till 19

Bob's Juice Bar and
Bob's Kitchen

Lunch? Juice?
One adress!!
And trust me they are a goodies!!

15 Rue Lucien Sampaix
open mon to fri 07:30 till 15:00

Bob's Kitchen 
Rue des Gravilliers
Mon to Fri - 08:00 till15:00
Sat Sun 10 till 16

Check out the cool menu magnet board!
Mix and Match at it's best!

Mexicaaaaan food!!
Paris's response to NYC's La Esquina!
Taco's! Guacamolie!


( got myself some guacamole for on the train,... I have to say, I think some people would rather have me under the train so they could have taken my lunch!)
That guacamolie is ba na naaaas!

Stay untill 19h, then the bar opens!
Cocktails anyone?

52 Rue Saintonge
75003 Paris

Do I really need to explain why you should go the  Rose Bakery?

Carrot Cake!!!
That says it all!!

30 Rue Debelleyme

46 Rue des Martyrs

What's isn't fun about food in Bento Boxes?!
And what's not amazing about healthy food in Bento Boxes?

Have I already shared my love for Bento boxes?
( And Tiffin pots?)
And my love for healthy food?

Double win!!!

57 Rue Charlot

If you could just take one bite out of that Rice Krispie Cranberry Treat you would understand!
Everything looks and IS delicious!!

Heart shaped carrot cake anyone?
( to share with that cocktail?)

1 Rue Dupuis

There is nothing I like more than Hawker Centre style food markets!
When I see food I just wanna try everything!!
( I'll start that diet tomorrow...)
So this is the perfect system for me!
Japanese this, Moroccan that, Seafood left, Flowers right!

And if after that you are still hungry....

my ABSOLUTE favorite ever!! EVER!!!E-ver!!

The Chocolat Chaud a L'ancienne
Plaza Athenee
Avenue Montaigne

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