Monday, May 31, 2010

perfect lpp's workplace!!!

Would, could, definitly, seriously...
work, blog, post, chat, laugh, shake & bake
with you in this perfect petites pestes workplace!!!
you're in?

Hand wash only, do not bleach




Seriously rethinking my plan to dye my hair pink!
Would the short haircut of Abbey Lee have anything to do with that pink, straight from Proenza Schouler's catwalk, hair dye?

Did the hair brake?
Didn't the colour want to go away after 5 a 7 shampooings?
Not enough patience to let the colour grow out?
mystery remains...

Photo Shop

Your check list...

Triple Treat!

 Take Train, Tram, Bus,... to Knokke to visit the Photo Festival!
This year its ll about Stars and Models! Hurry because it ends the 13th of June!
That will be your last chance to view the faboulous pictures by Tim Walker, Peter Lindbergh and sooo many more!

Cnocspot Secret Box3!

Once again the cnocspot guys delivered an amazing pop up store!
After they filled our past summer with amazing tunes coming from our colorfull WESC headphones we all had to have and bought at their WESC popup store, they are making us all run to their latest creation to get our hand on, what will be this summer's must have, the polaroid cameras!!

So were are you running to?To the Rubensplein, that is where the especially made for the photofestival pop-up store is located!
Check out the cool design and concept of the store, it's totally worth the stop! 
and once inside the box...

books, tshirts, lomography shizzle,...
one of their best kept secrets hidden in the store, well I guess not anymore,
they sell the polaroid PX 600 films!

And if you might get lost in all those boxes coming out of more boxes with some more little boxes hidden inside, you will not get bored!
They offer Lomography classes!!

Sooooooooo I would say, get lost!!

Get more info:

chanel resort 2010

quote of the day

Saturday, May 29, 2010

perfect pony tail!!!

Just still love love love love Abbey's hair

small bags...just rock!

sometimes small things are just sooo much cuter...
even bags!!!

Could just buy them all!!!
(anniversary coming up...just in case, hahaha)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Babsie's Breakfast Brunch Bakery

Have you noticed that some of the best words around start with a 'B'?!

and let's not forget BURGER!!

All I want for Breakfast is YOUUUUuuuuuu!!

Heheee French toasted brioche bread stuffed with mascarpone, marmalade and fresh fruit....

Kinda looks like a toasted cheesecake!

Whats not to want about that?!


quote of the day

Got that right!!

You're golden!!



Here is some inspiration for the 'Touch of Gold' bash!!
You'll win the gold in these!!

fun fact: first pic is an old picture of Romain, the co-owner of Antwerp super cool fashion platform RA13, at Paris fashion week.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Joeys favourite! And now mine!

What started of as a search to find a perfect sugar fix, taking me and my roomy from one bakery to another to finally finding my perfect fix, a salty little number!

Joey from friends lives for this sandwich, so I just had to try it!!
I ordered, i ate, and i loved!!

Get yours at
Caffe Internazionale
Coffee and Pastrami
Volkstraat 21
2000 Antwerpen

Oh and did I say that they serve Marriage Freres tea, and the craziest coffee/tea/hot chocolate combinations ever!
Mixing it all up with speculoos, haribos, nutella,caramel,honey,...

Can they fix my sugar craving?
Yes they can!!

look of the day

Oooowww owwwww
AW Shoeees
Zara pants
The kind of tshirt and bra I like!
And love the necklace!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Tune

'The high road is hard to find
A detour in your new life....'

Lindsey Adelman lamps

I had these lamp discovered on the net such a long time ago...
never posted them
Now, when I wanted to, did some final research and...
discovered one of Lindsey's gorgeous lamps are seen in 

waaaaauw lindsey, go girl!!!

this is the sex & the city one!


carrot cake waffles

I think you really should looooooove these!!!
carrot cake, and this in waffles, what a mix to die for...
baking day coming up???

H&M winter on his way!!!

I know soooo early, we hadn't even to wear all our little summer dresses...
Just something for the eyes, not to touch yet!!!

But secretly, oooo sooo waiting for all this!




I definitly know already, where to buy my winter nude colours, chloé camel look a like's
and yes the stripy pants, to replace the summer flowery one!!!

H&M give me a riiiiiing on my cell when I need to stop buy...

Monday, May 24, 2010

neon and nude

Dree Hemingway at Amfar