Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Tune - sbtrkt hold on

My favorite hottie!!

Move over Mariage frères, I have found somebody new to keep me warm!

Maybe you have tried these before,  this tea has been around for quite a while! They even have  a tea tasting shop on Broome street in New York! 
Guess I only had eyes for my coffee fix from Saturdays NYC that I didn't even notice!
Do I hear booking tickets?
Maybe a little closer to home.... At High Tea at The Dorchester you get Harney and Sons is a silver tea pot!
And even closer, and way less fun... De Storm, the cafe below the M.A.S in Antwerp serves you a hot cup to!!
or straight from your home; online shopping!!!! 

Monday, April 23, 2012


Birthdays are always the best excuse to bake something!
So this time....


Ever since I've seen the video of Black Jet Baking Co. in San Fransisco for the Next Big Small  Brand competition, the only thing I was thinking about was baking these!!!
And booooyyy was it worth all those nights dreaming about them!
Amazing crust, hot drooling jam, nutella, banana, raspberries,... are you catching on?

Even made a shot at gluten free baking... 
Just replaced the all purpose with gluten free flower, and you woundn't even notice the difference... Even better I must say! ( or is that just me believing gluten free is healthier that whole grain? Therefore harmless when eating plenty!! = better! )

Get your favorite bread spread, peanut butter and jelly, jelly, banana's, nutella, honey, whatever ( check out what black jet baking uses.... nutella with salty hazelnuts ,Jalapeño Cream Cheese, brown sugar,...)
scoop it onto the dough, 
pop it into the oven....


recipe for a basic crust....
I'm sure it would work wonders for a lemon pie!

Recipe for the pop tarts!
To make gluten free... just substitute the flower

The making of...
at 7:30 in the morning...
talk about motivation!!!

Before the shower...

Stepping out of the shower my apartment was filled with a lovely raspberry smell!!


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Friday, April 06, 2012

Coveteur Picks

Some of my favorite The Coveteur pics!

Note to self:
Get Repossi Jewelry
Get a ping pong table -  think long term investment - will use it more than my gym membership
Get ear pierced like the Courtin Clarins' girls
Invest in a Ben Watts picture
Make my Comme des Garcon for Jcrew Tshirt look like the one in the pics
Get the whole black fur - blue pants outfit
Gear up for surfing
Buy pillows in the Koosterstraat in Antwep
Buy a new sofa to put the new pillows 
Start that piggy bank with Chloe and Ruth to save up for a new bag!
Damn right we love 1984 and dashhunds!

Aaaaah Spring Cleaning and spring to-do lists!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Goeiemorgen bakkertje bak...

Another day, another daily bread, another bakery...

I mean, when you see this shop window who doesn't want to come in and check out what they have behind the counter?!

And to my great surprise, they have gluten free bread on wednesday and saturday!!
( looking at you Deloin!)

They get their bread from Dockx Cereal Center, so that means bread packed with nutritious seeds and nuts! You can even score a fig bread, or one filled with olives!!
And they all have funky names like Rogge Verdomme ( damn rye),  Glutenuitke ( lets go for a gluten free walk, not sure how to translate it) , Weerstandje ( Resistance ), Verstandje ( Brainiac), Tegengif ( anti poison),....

Go and try them!!!
And they are open super early, perfect to get a 'in a hurry to catch my train'- breakfast!

To check out:
Bakkerij Goeiemorgen
Statiestraat 169
Berchem, Antwerp

ps: save the map on your smartphone in case you go on a bakery stroll

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Tuesday Tue - Triggerfinger Man Down

Is it just me or are weeks flying by?!

And that summer hour change didn't do any good either!!
So here comes a Tuesday tune who is troubled by the summer hour....


ps: saw the singer  Ruben Block in Antwerp...
Went totally red with a stupid smile on my face...
oh dear!
There went my, '... Oh and who are you... just talking to you cause you look awesome and not at all 'cause you are the smokin' singer of triggerfinger, no I am not a groupie, approach!

Star struck!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Eeny Teeny Bikini

Wanna start wearing these right now!!!
Any one objects?

Gorgeous bikini's by Zimmermann, Mara Hoffman  and We Are Handsome
shop shame of the stuff online at: shop les novellas

and check out these cookbook pics from Zimmermann 
do I still need to tell you how much I love those little bikini's?


Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sunday Morning

pic from the Coveteur