Monday, September 30, 2013

Travel Wishlist - Ace Hotel Lonon

Ace Hotel opened in London's Shoreditch area!!
Ace + Shoreditch + a flower shop in the hotel,
This can only be good!!

Love surfing in Paris

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Travel Wishlist - Babylonstoren

Can't believe I never blogged about this one...

Maybe because to me it's such a reference I forget that it's not so well known..

If you never heard of Babylonstoren, now is the moment to google it!!

It's a gorgeous farm set in South Africa.
They produce all their veggies, fruits and herbs in an insanely huge garden!

They serve up all their daily picked fresh from the land veggies and fruits at their restaurant Babel.

Just discovered they have a cookbook, which I am making some great food out of as we speak!
( my pears with rosemary are simmering away in the kitchen to make a dressing... watch out for my upcoming post about the cookbook)

The stylish twosome behind Babylonstoren, he media mogul Koos Bekker an she Karen Roos editor at Elle Decor, also created a hotel,spa and expanded with the latest addition , a tearoom.

I think I could fill the whole blog just with pictures from this place!
It's that pretty and spectacular!

So stop reading and just enjoy !