Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rockaway Taco pops up!!


Can't believe it has been that long!
First time I've written about Rockaway Taco was back in October 2010!!
Ever since then, taking the subway from Manhattan to Rockaway has been on my must do list!
( once I even convinced a lovely sales guy at Ralph Lauren, who lived close to Rockaway Taco, and who even ate one the day before, to bring one back to the city for me. That was until hurricane Irene decided to mess up my perfect delivery plan!)

Yup and I never managed to get all the way over there! 
Only open during summer time, that doens't give me a big time-frame to work with.

But now, luck on my side,... 
in some casual browsing on the internet, it just happened The Sporting Project + Colette decided to open a Rockaway Taco Pop Up!!
And that, the weekend us girls decided to head to Paris for my late birthday brunch!

So you can only imagine what my brunch was.....

Check Out: Rockaway Taco
Le Comptoir Generale - a really cool place to hang out / have drinks /ect act

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Spotted some arrows on the walls al Le Mary Celeste in Paris.
Really liked them... put that imagine in my head, and never thought further about it..
I mean, where can I buy arrows?!

And now,
I just discovered a brand called Fredericks and Mae, 
not sure if they are the ones behind the arrows at Le Mary Celese, either way love the colors!!
So now I know where I can buy arrows!! ;-)

And so much more!
check out their website, 
they have some pretty cool stuff!

To Shop:

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hi I am a .... My New Roots Newtella addict

Last year around this time, I read something very exiting on one of my favorite blogs ever; My New Roots.

She was giving another cooking class in Amsterdam!
So of we went!

I don't know what it is with winter time, but I crave nut butter ALL. THE. TIME!!
There is something about it! The nutty flavor, the texture, eating a healthier version of my childhood staple - really, I ate the stuff non stop with a spoon, finishing jar after jar! totally addictive I have now realized! what do you expect, they specialize in finding the right sugar-salt balance to keep us hooked! And I was their top consumer  - 

Now, knowing the importance of nutrition, trying to avoid all the processed crap, and making what I can myself...
 I eat hazelnut, almond,... butter that only want the best for me!
- not what is best for the compagnies tching tching - 
Think healthy fats, vitamins, protein,... all natural

And last year I learned by Sarah firsthand how to make that addictive nutella the healthy way!
Roast -or roast them not  higher that 42degrees - your nuts of choice
Grind them in your foodprocessor
add some cocao powder and some coconut sugar 

Its THAT easy!

Quote of the day

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Travel - Malibu Farm Los Angeles

Doesn't this place look gorgeous??

To check out: 
pics from Martin Lof