Tuesday, March 30, 2010

legoooooooooooo toys & food

couldn't resist to post this
even if we didn't make them yet...
here they are...


natasha in the desert!



The desert & Natasha Poly...travelling on a camel,
the perfect match to show us the most beautiful prints and patterns of this summer 2010 season
pieces from Roberto Cavalli, Emilio Pucci, kenzo, Paul & Joe, Isabel Marant,...
to not forget  the jewellery wanna haves from Aurelie Bidermann!

styling by Emanuelle Alt.

marc & his girls...

Tuesday Tunes

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Acne Problems

Why isn't there something like Christmas but in the summer??!
Ooooww wait there is...

My Birthday!!

I know it's a bit soon,
but you can never be to prepared!

And because in the summer I have to get prepared for winter..

I know i'm  a bit soon with my wishlist,
but that is just so that you are prepared!

pics from caroline.feber.se

Sunday Morning

Miranda Kerr shot by Chris Coll

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fun in the sun

Heheee next time let's go skate on the boardwalk instead of running!
I want summer!!!!! NOOOOWWW!!

ps.  This is Zadig!
Check the shirt!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Surfriders foundation

at the beach!

so keep it clean!

source: surfrider foundation

Michael Wolf “Architecture of Density”




where is Wally?



Thursday, March 25, 2010

LOGORAMA Best short animated movie

Must watch this!!
Soooo well done!!

ps watch out for our Belgian 'Quick' logo!!!

Dree and H&M

Spring feelings....



floral prints...
Black & withe
Everything close to nature!
This summer trends for us girls are so boyish romantically playfull...

Dree Hemingway for H&M spring 2010 magazine

quote of the day

Wakkere Bakker

It's open! It's open!!

Finally the best cakes and danish pastries are in town!!

The best motivation to wake up after a heavy girls night out on the town!
Set our alarm, only slept 4 hours, jumped straight into the car,
ready to eat THE chocolate pastrie of all pastries!

And me, being not such a fan of pastries, i have to admit...

Been thinking about them aaaaaalll week looongg!!
Can't wait for it to be sunday again!

Ow yeah that's THE best part, they're open on sunday!! And they have scones to!!!


Get on your dancingshoes, there is one thing on my mind...

..... you need to watch this clip to see for yourself, but i'll tell you right now
The cute spiky shoes at the end!
Oooohhh he looks so cute as well and his cute dancemoves!!

Fashionair loves Christian Louboutin

LPP loves Fashionair for loving Christian Louboutin

This little movie is the making of a little movie that is going to launch on Fashionair.
Christian Louboutin created gorgeous shoes because he was inspired by the cabaret dancers,
so this movie makes total sense!
'Dancer in a Daydream'

source: fashionair

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can i be behati?

Behati Prinsloo in French ELLE

She has a little bit of everything we want!

The Orange Frizz, the swatches,fluo bracelets,cool sunglasses ,great eye make-up, a hammock!!!!

Summer's coming! 
Go outside the weather is sweet, yeah!