Thursday, April 29, 2010

Land Rover + Tretorn

Ow ow ow
did you see in French Vogue!!!



Go the the roof of the MET!!

Souvenir ideas!

Heheeeee bringing me back some souvenirs?

Here are some more ideas!

How is the big city treating you?
Ran into Whitney Port already? Exchanged bags with Sienna?
Shoe shopping with Olivia?
What about the city guide? I'm/ its following you everywhere I hope!!
Played ping pong at the standard?

OoOOOhhh missing NYC!
Been on the hunt for the perfect asian cupcake! Failing miserably!
Chocolate in Belgium never tasted better!

Up next, looking for the perfect burger!!!

You hooked on Magnolia and Corner Bistro yet??

To shop: Kitchen Aid
in Crate and Barell on broadway, i think...

Get your milkshake fix at Stand 4! OREOOOO MILKSHAKE!!
Got one over here, but that one is the best!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In a New York State of Mind??

My PP!!!
Hows NYC??

Say hello to all my colorfull friends at Magnolia!!!

Remember to bring me back a cupcake/potato head/banana pudding/a piece of central park/something from dean and deluca/ a taco from La Esquina/ Meryll/ a burger/ another burger/...


Monday, April 26, 2010

quote of the day...


very very special glitter cupcakes for 
a very very special petite peste!!!

thaaaaaaaanks for the news...
in a couple of hours we'll be far, veeeeerry far away from each other!!!

lpp's exploring the woooorld...

Viet Nam

Love the colours in Vietnam!
The police have the most fashionable uniforms ever!
well, at least for this season!

They captured it perfectly in the French Vogue Issue!

Hahahah that flight postition, had a lot of flight time to try it out! But I didn't get to it!
Watched The Blind Side, and topped it of with a no-brainer movie Mamma Mia!
The perfect flight movies!
Should have tried that position tough, i'm sure my slightly bigger than average neighbor would have looved it!
 Get the safety exits seats! Loads of foot space!

Heheeee Steph, wait untill I post the picture of my feet! 
You will not believe in what they were standing!

Soooo freaky you posted that picture! And I took one exactly like that while eating!
Thinking the same, at the same time, in a totally different place!!

Aaaaahhh ... one brain... one brain!

Stephie Stewart! Fly safe!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Babsies feet!

Hay ma petite peste!!!
What about that flight position...did you test it?
Worth to try it for my NY flight?
keep me poooosted!
So what no Istanbul sightseeing, shopping,... nothing, :-(
yeeeeep, marie claire!
good girl!
damn, already missing you a loooot...

Hey, but are this your little feet over there?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Will I stay or will I go?

Always trying to find the perfect position for sleeping in an airplane...
Have found a position for each possible seating situation!
Leaning against the window, a gynecologist check-up/examination kinda position for when in the middle, and a half gyneco-postition for when aisle seated!
But I've never tought of this!

Will give this a try! Hopefully later today!
Must wear pants for this though!

pic: Flavia

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cupcake underwear!!

Can you please get those at Victoria Secret for me!

He's number one on my list!

Aaaaah my number one made it on the top 50list of Los Angeles Times Magazine!!
Soooo proud!
Always believed in him!


To shop: Sien!
The only shop carrying them in Belgium!

Clear your agenda, fill up your gas tank!
And be ready to drive to Antwerp and visit the store a billion times!
Thats's how long it took me to decide on a color, size, leather or suede,...
I was so sad when my little baby got stolen, I just had to 'replace' him!
That was a lot more difficult than I ever expected! Do I get the same one, a bigger one, one in other colour,...
and just when you think you have cut the knot, Sien has some new colors just in!
aaaah life'e full of tough decisions!! ;-)

A Whole Lot of Daria's

Sunday, April 18, 2010

So give me sugar and tv

After beeing hooked on 'Deadliest Catch' 
I have found my new addiction! a sugary addiction!

 they bake, i watch, they conquered me!

to watch: Discovery Channel

Saturday, April 17, 2010

saterday's breakfast

waaaaaaaauuuuw, had my perfect saterday morning breakfast!!!
what a damn good plan to start this beautiful day...


indian touch


Wanna bring an indian touch at to your denim looks?

Shop those beautiful turquoise rings & necklaces at :

Just love that Jalouse april 2010 cover!!!
yeeeeeesss into the wild one of my favorite movies...
definitly one to watch!
With soundtrack's from Eddie Vedder.....aaaaaaah

quote of the day

Friday, April 16, 2010

Let the shopping begin

Our very own Acne store in Belgium!!
Can't get any better than this!
( well maybe if they would sell some swedish knackebrÖd )

To shop: Acne Studio
Lombardenvest 42
Antwerp Belgium

Converse Chuck Taylor x Missoni

chuck taylor x missoni

when choosing a color of chuck taylors' is to difficult, buy these!!


Mary-Kate in Dries Van Noten
and a backpack!!!

Roadbook - Antwerp

Thursday, April 15, 2010

When nature calls

Making the best of a bad situation!
Should have bought a lot more for dinner tonight!
 I'll have another chance tomorrow!!

Quote of the day

A quote for us!

We are going to turn the entire world crazy!!
One east, one west!
Its gonna be fireworks!!

World domination!!
( its Pinky and the Brain --- love the cartoon!)

Andre for le Paris Paris

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When objects definitely work

When in Milan....

Be the first to see the new collaboration between When Objects Work with Richard Meier 
at Milan's Salone Di Mobile!

To Go: Curti Gallery

And while your there don't forget to look at their previous collection with
John Pawson, Shigeru Ban, Kate Hume, Bataille Ibens, Wilmotte and many more!



Summer Camp

I want a tent like this!!!

Tuesday Tunes

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Martha!!

DIY with Jack, Lazaro and Martha!!
Got tho love Martha for getting my two favourite designers on her show.

Stef Stewart when do we made our own Proenza Schouler tie and dye project??