Sunday, January 31, 2010


Aaaaaaah will have to recover a whole week from past weekend!
Missing some valuable sleeping hours!!
Ate more cupcakes than a person can handle!
Can you sugar overdose?
Guess my sugar addiction explains why I'm hyper all the time!
And no better place to burn of those calories than at
Libertine Supersport!!

And Steeeph!!
There is no 'I'  in TEAM!!
So next time you can not sit this one out!!


After the wild kittens.....
( previous post)
....... time for some mittens!

It's snowing again!!!
Steph,  guess your dreams of summer are gonna have to wait!!

Aaaaahhh Abbey Lee!! Let's do a post about her! She's got a crazy style and great bangs!
She would be able to persuade me to cut mine again!

And talking about nailpolishes, saw some greeeeat new colours from O.P.I!!
I think we have to start 'building' our summer wardrobe!
Start from the toes up!!

Wild thing!

Jane Birkin
Sienna Miller in Factory Girl

Erin Wasson
Coco Rocha
Abbey Lee
Sienna Miller in NYmagazine

pics from bohemian musing and NYmagazine and...

Vogue Australia

The cover of vogue Australia march 2010
With a girl i love Abbey Lee!
Look her nails, blue, greenisch turquoise...
A bit like your nails the other day!
This mixed with the orange letters, love this combination!
Puts me sooo in summer moods...
Woehoe you rock it girl...

Easy like a sunday morning

They probably had the best party weekend ever!!
( nooooo!! not in that way! tssss!)
Party animal Kate, ass-kicking Lara and rock and roller Daria!

pic by Bruce Weber for W magazine

Saturday, January 30, 2010

This is the pic I wanted you to show that badly...
the bra, the blouse, the rings, the hair,...
want to have it all!!!
are you in to shopping next week?
off course!!!

ooops, forgot the source of the pic!
Urs Fischer

New interpretation of 3D!
That cupcake looks soooooo good!
In some cases with artwork 'tastes and colours are not argued over' but in this case taste would be a huge problem!
I would get hungry everytime I pass them by!
And the artpiece would complely be ruined from me licking the cardboard!
A little hard work and perseverance has to pay off right?!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Quote of the day...

going totally mad for this one!

Ok, architect
Meeting to review my houseplans
Need to add something really urgent!!!

oh ooh oooh
Yep indeed, you see what you see...
this is not just a closet girls!!!

Sring/summer must have nail colour:
kind of a colour i adore
shimmery nude, mauve-grey...
We can not let slip this one like the "jade" colour!!!

Chris Craymer

Chris Craymer

A photographer who hits my heart...
Just looooove all his pics!
His work goes from fashion, portraits, lifestyle, beauty,...


And than some pics from his awesome look book of love called
sexy, joyful, funny, powerful, soulful
everything love is or should be to me!!!


Life changing news!

Adidas strikes back

Adidarth Vader stikes back!

Buy me you will!

Miss (oni) Match?

the perfect match!!
Missoni + beach

( for the trained the YSL costume ring!!)

pic from 4th and Bleecker, and ....

And instead of baking like a pancake on the beach...
a little diy project...
Got inspired at net-a-porter and impatiently waiting for summer to make this:

Celestina shell cluth
( it's a small clutch, doens't qualify as bag!!)

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Our friend Laura makes these incredibly funny frilly girly sweaters!
Now, il ne faudra plus souffrir pour etre belle!
From now on we'll look fabulous even when we're chilling in our sweaters!!
To shop: contact us!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Post it message

It'a a sad sad day today!

Someone stole my bag yesterday!
So to all our readers, keep your eyes open!!
If you spot it on someone, take following measures:
Step 1: Kick, Bite, Slap, Punch, Push
Step 2: Take bag and run
Step 3: Tell Bag it's all gonna be alright and give him kisses
Last and most important step: return to me!!!

In loving memory of the PS1

NO bag posts for a week!!!! at least
And do a little prayer!

stereotyping people by their favorite indie bands

Found this on the internet!!!

The XX - Blog enthusiasts who thought wearing a keffiyeha was awesome.

Passion Pit- Bros vaguely interested in listening to music and very interested in having sex with their girlfriend.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Girls who bought checkered sneakers in the 8th grade.

TV On The Radio - Politically-correct hipsters.

Grizzly Bear - People who think that world hunger could be assuaged with four part harmonies.

Steve Aoki - Alts who don’t “get” Hipster Runoff.

Devendra Banhart- People who have considered becoming a squirrel.

Animal Collective - Guys who make “Best of the Year” lists in January based predominantly on “feeling.”

Vampire Weekend - Bros who try to make out with girls at concerts by relating to them via old Nickelodeon shows. “Remember Pete & Pete??”

The Shins - Premature alts who considered Garden State a life-altering viewing experience.

Radiohead -Everyone.

Ra Ra Riot - Girls who got their boyfriends to watch Me and You and Everyone We Know.

Bat for Lashes - Girls who wear leggings outside of ’80s-themed parties.

Here We Go Magic - Guys who are ‘over’ Gizzly Bear.

Phoenix - People who don’t listen to enough music.

Sufjan Stevens - People who believe in two things: Jesus and Juno.

M.I.A. - Girls who don’t understand politics.

Justice - Bros who, at one point in their lives, have tried to grow a mustache.

Arcade Fire  - Frequent transcendental experience havers.

YACHT - Someone who, if presented with the opportunity to join a cult, would most definitely join that cult.

Ratatat - Boys who think Ocarina of Time is the greatest game ever made.

CSS - Girls who throw up at every party.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


New It-bag in the making?!
Keep your eyes open for this one!

Slash By Boyy

pics from jackjill and boyy