Sunday, February 28, 2010

you're favorite breakfast!

Let me guess what you gonna have for breakfast...
On this rainy (again) sunday morning???

A peanutbutter (the crunchy one) & jelly sandwich!!!
look at this cute! 

Chocolate Layer Cake with Pink Buttercream Frosting

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

pic from Lisaplace

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jan Maarten Voskuil



Makes me think of skateboarding pools.

ice ice baby

Dropped something?

pics from fffound

Chocolate in Belgium?...... CHECK

Starbucks in Belgium?.... check

Antwerp Central Station is no longer just train stop on your destination. It is your destination.
For some Caramel frappucino with an extra shot of caramel, a skinny vanilla latte, soy caffe mocha, or one of those huuuge chocolate chip cookies!

I have to be honest, not all that happy about Starbucks taking over Antwerp!
My coffee stops will always be The Cafenation, the Revista, the Roskam....

Only do Local stops!

Magnolia bakery in Belgium?...........

pics Natasha Poly shot by Terry Richardson for French Vogue

Friday, February 26, 2010

quote of the day


He's my number one...smash hit

A while back I made a post about Pharell.
I was wondering where the hell he has been hiding!!

Well apparently under his hat, behind his sunglasses and inside his michelin jacket attending
fashion week with Anna Wintour and Kanye West!

and some other pics,
just because I want to and because I can!

No koffiekoeken for you....I think not!

Very exited about this....


for the sugar addicts among us, this name makes them go crazy
but for the not so sugar addicts, I'll explain why....

Dellafaille are THE best cakes and danish pastries of Antwerp,
Till now we had to drive all the way to Schilde for our sugar rush.
But not anymore!

They are opening a store on the corner of the Vlaamse Kaai and Museumstraat!!

Gonna rush over there!!

Can't touch this


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quote & art of the day

put some red in your interior!!!

Just love the way a bit of red in your interior can brighten the whole place up!!!
If you go for some colour: let's gooo for red...
The black glossy wooden floor, I'm a certain pro, to not even talk about that Eames rocking armchair!

Go check them out on


Sometimes when you go sniffiling in old boxes, or in my case old computerfiles,
you can find some surprises, you didn't knew anymore you've gotted them..
but they can bring up nice memories and definitly can put a smile upon your face
 and make me go say, aaaaaah like old times....

Here some oldies from Erin Wasson looking so great with that curly hear!


Anatoly Zenkov

Persistent Pyramids by Anatoly Zenkov

Kitsch gets large

It never takes a lot to convince me to go partying!!
and with an invitation like this you don't even have to say a word.
A picture says thousands....

Our Belgian super male model
Cesar Casier
( sorry to interrupt your daydream, but can I just say   mmmmmmm....)

He has been chosen to be the godfather for Belvedere's Flagship Store at the Kitsch Club.

and because behind every fashionmodel
there is a fashionista,

The godmother: Tiany Kiriloff,
She has influenced our belgian fashion scene with her show
and continues doing so with her website

They will be spinning some very fashion forward music.

This Friday, Give us your best walk..... to the Kitsch Club!
You in?

26 of February

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quote of the day

installation from Nathan Coley

oooow ooow ow!

A perfect wearable outfit to add at the military issue!
look at the bubble bag in KAKI, i liiiiiiiike....
the balenciaga shoes...
(could you make a quick stop at cocodrillo and buy them in a 37 for me,thx!!!)
anyway, just love the whole outfit!



For those who just don't want to drop the cash for a little, what I call,a follieke.
Or a temporary moment of insanity to buy a temporary crush.

There is...

Louis Vuittons 'Mon Monogramme' service.
Where you can go crazy with all their colour possibilities, to make the most insanest combinations.

And of course you can also make a long lasting, more appropriate version that will never go out of style, and will go perfectly with everything in your wardrobe.

to shop:

Remember our little trip to the Albert Hein??
I think it is in my top 5 of best city trips EVER!!!

All that food, all those pretty packages, all those sweets, all those different peanutbutters,all those nice breads, all those cheeses (for you at least) ,those stroopwaffles, the ice cream, the vanillapudding,the veggie chips,...

I think I can actually go on for ever talking about the Albert Hein
I talk the talk, but can I walk the walk....

When is the next AH trip??

Rooftop Museum

Every summer, there is a new hot spot.
Well I can already tell you where it's going to be this year!

The Rooftop garden of the MET in nyc.
Well it isn't that big of a suprise. Year after year they hold the most amazing
exhibitions on their roof. The most magical place to enjoy some art with a mojito in hand.

After Jeff Koons, Roy Lichtenstein, Roxy Paine and more,
this time it's Mike and Doug Starn's turn.

The project is called Big Bambu and will be made out of 3200 interlocking bamboo poles and nylon!
And while your sipping on your mojito the artist and rock climbers will be working on their work in progress.

Construction starts april 27th