Saturday, December 21, 2013

To Travel - The Mill in San Fransisco

one of our reader is heading to San Francisco over the holidays.

Jealous me?

Knowing that she will go and munch on some toast made out of fantastic bread make by Josey Baker Rye or whole wheat Bread, topped with pumpkin butter- honey - maldon salt  or peanut butter - honey - maldon salt - or cream cheese or - cinnamon sugar and butter -, and that while relaxing during the early morning with a cup of Four Barrell Coffee latte knowing that you are in one of the best city's ever...

Jealous me?
Can't you tell!

For the ones who's morning ritual is a cup of coffee and toast.
This is the place!!
Four Barrell Coffee teamed up with Josey Baker Bread and opened up this place!

aaaah the smell of toast in the morning..
the simple pleasures!

Oh and look for #hipstertoast on instagram!!
Seriously... hipstertoast....

To Go:
736 Divisadero St, San Francisco

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