Thursday, November 07, 2013

Cuisse de Grenouille - Paris

Whenever I can I bring something back from Saturday Surf in NYC
It's the perfect store, where you can't go wrong with anything that you bring back for your surfing addict of a brother!

Even me, I just can not add another one of their tshirts to my collection.

  I have bumped into their Parisian Version!!

While walking along the store my eyes were drawn to that cute skateboard!!
I'm intrigued!
I look up,
and what do I see...

Remember that 'Surf in Paris' sweatshirt?
Well it's from them!

Damn, now there is a store closer by from where I need to bring back gifts for my surfing addicted brother whenever I can...

To Shop
5 rue Froissart - 3ieme

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