Monday, September 16, 2013

Ceci n'est pas meets LEFT - Antwerp

Absolutely make time for this in September!!

This month's pop-up - moving restaurant has landed next to Bar Left , Linkeroever , Antwerp

Every month Billy Jean creates a dining experience in collaboration with an artist.
and moves around with her restaurant to amazing locations so you can dine surrounded by art, or with art. ( previous one was in a school bus, before that in a greenhouse)

Her take on art is that you should experience it in a casual, warm family setting.
You should see it in use, not just on a white display or canvas
 - loving this mind-set - 
That is why she created this concept

You just sign up and let you be swooped away by Billy Jean!
A surprise dinner or brunch, with surprising people, in a surprising environment!

check it out on her page:

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