Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Frederic Hooft

Gorgeous spaces, cleaver solutions
amazing ideas, incredibly creative,
awesome furniture
and Belgian!

Just love that kitchen counter!
Must ask him to make me one one day!!

To Check: frederic hooft

He also has an amazing furniture store near Ghent,
fllled with some vintage founds, and surprising pieces!

To Shop:
Klapstraat 33
9831 Deurle


gg said...

Purity of lines, perfect choice of brut materials, natural lightening, what a beautiful interior!
Especially the bathrooms!

les petites pestes said...

Georginaaaaa cest toi?

Ta bien raison!

C'est CANON!!!!

Kiss! x

gg said...

hihiih yes it's me!
Cu this we I supose...xxx