Friday, December 02, 2011

A Shoot with D.A.T.E

These are the pictures we took for the D.A.T.E competition
Like our album!!! MM whiskey hangover

Help us (Matt Maselis and me)
to get the chance to shoot the international D.A.T.E sneaker campaign!! 

All you have to do is click 'LIKE' on the album

Voting ends the 9th!! So please don't wait any longer

Spread the word!!! Put in on your wall, share it, tweeter it, do whatever you need to do!

Thanks youuuu!! Would be awesome! We need you support

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So please please please our dear readers, we are counting on you!


stephanie said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, i "voted" for you.

I love the last Picture, great calfs, just like mine ;-). But where can i find these Shoes? Really like them. Can you tell me the name or give me the Link?

les petites pestes said...

Thank you sooo much for 'Liking' our album!!

The shoes are by D.A.T.E

This is the link

Is you live in the BeNeLux, contact Fashion Club 70 for a stocklist, they can help you!!

Or shop online!!
Hope it helps!

THank again!!