Saturday, December 10, 2011

Foodie Snap pack!!

If this isn't the Hipstamatic add on pack for me, then I don't know what is ( maybe a mix of this, with that Ben Watts Bondi Beach Pack, and a case designed by Pharell , wishfull thinking!)

The Foodie Snap pack!
It comes with a film, a flash and a lens called the Loftus after their partner in foodiecrime David Loftus
So start snapping pics of your Turkey, cranberry sauce and grilleeeed vegetableeeesssss.....
( yeah you ruddie from The bring the beat back ;-)  -- we have made the best food rap ever... kinda like this, well, in our head it sounded like that)

So don't mind the taste, at least it will look good!!

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Anonymous said...

OMG i love Hipstamatic and just downloaded the Foodie Snap Pack. It really does make food on photos stand out and colours more vibrant! I also love the Salvadore Dali inspired set featured in the RetroPak one :-)