Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Selby movie--->Lucy Chadwick & ZARA...

Aaaah yes, The Selby did it again...
A great little movie with Artist Lucy Chadwick for ZARA!!!
What a fantastic combi...

I love all off Lucy's outfits from ZARA...
The white blouse---> can somebody help me find it??? no more on the online shop!!!
The black loafers---> are they really ZARA'S?
The burgundy cable knit sweater---> I've got it!!!

And then, her hair, little gold earrings,the eyeglasses, her perfect English accent, the interior,
the farmers market,the barn,...
When can we meet the girl?


Ps: also check the interior photo's off her house in London on The Selby website.


les petites pestes said...


Let's get a house upstate!!!
And grab a pumpkin at a farmers market/ grocery store!!!

Did you see those apples? Would be perfect for our crumble!!


Bridget Henry said...

Did you find out if her shoes were from Zara?!
I would love to know where to get them!
Lovely film