Thursday, September 08, 2011

Kanken kanken kanken kanken kanken kanken

Now it's official! We have to go back!
The Fjallraven collaboration with Opening Ceremony is a sign!!

Have to get me one of those Kanken backpacks, so I will finally stop talking about them non-stop!

And a mini for....


Anonymous said...

Hello Again. Of course it's great to go back to NY, but if you can't, here you can order your kanken



les petites pestes said...

Goodmorning Marcela!!

Hahhahhahaha thank you for the link!
Also found that site! ( I must google everything!)

But with shipping and the the site being in Pond, i think its more expensive!

Need to find myself a store that has them I'm Belgium!
( only ones who carry Fjallraven are the camping stores! And they only have khaki and black ones! Aaaarrrghhh!!)

In nyc you actually have a Fjallraven Shop!!!

hahahahah just making excuses to go back! ;-)

Thanks again!!


Anonymous said...

I think they have them in the new shop in Antwerp "Moose in the city" I saw one there this morning on my way to Groenplaats.


PS: your fault, I'm now obsessed with the kanken too and I want one now!!!!

les petites pestes said...

Aaaaand what did I do yesterday?

Went to check out the store!

Aaaaand YES!!! They have the Fjallraven Kanken.... big... small... I like them all!!

All so pretty!!

Thanks for the tip!!!

And what colour did you go for?