Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mexican Bracelets

Can we ever have enough friendship bracelets?
I have some room on my arm to spare!

And check out the rest of Sara Beltran's - dezso -   collection!
All so pretty!

TO SHOP: at Barneys or Aloha Rag
or in Paris at Hog and By Marie...

InBelgium? Someone?


Fashionista* said...

please let me know where to buy these in belgium..
really desperate

les petites pestes said...


I have been looking but can't find a shop that has them!!Aaarghhh!!
Maybe we should convince somebody to carry the line!!

But you can buy them online at AlohaRag and on the Barneys Website!

But watch out... they are't cheap! :-(

Let me know if you ordered one!!!


Fashionista* said...

Thanks for the tip