Monday, February 28, 2011

Learn to pack light...

...the luggage bag became mini!!


Marcela said...

It's called luggage nano, I just saw it at a store in antwerp, maria theresialei for the not so nano price of €950, ah?

les petites pestes said...

Oooooohhh really you saw them!!!
AAArgh really that price???


And tell me, as nice as on these pictures? Or even better?
Best thing to do is to stay away from Houben I guess...


Marcela said...

oh God, they have only 2 left one green and one tobacco. The green one is to die for!!! better that on the pics, the tobacco colour is tooooo normal. But with that price, no way Jose!!


PS I love your blog and oreo's are also my favorite together with red velvet cupcake from Magnolia's NY :-)

les petites pestes said...

hahahahahaahahahahahah.... let's cross or fingers they go on sale!!

Actually at SN3 they do great sales on handbags, so who knows, fingers crossed!!

And I have some good freshly baked news for you!!
Yesterday Nomade( the lunch bar) opened a cupcakes shop near the Groenplaats!! I think the street is Reyndersstraat!! Go go gooooo

Or try that red velvet cookbook post!! The recipe is amazing! The cake is super moist! Deeeelicious!!!!
I got everybody hooked on Red Velvet!!! Even the most skeptical ones are now Red Velvet lovers!!!

Aaaaaaahhhh cream cheese frosting!!! Hmmmmmm!!!!
Have a lovely sunday!


And thank you for following our blog!! Comment like yours, that's why we do it for!!! Thaaaanks!!!