Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Cupcake Monster with my head in the cake!

AAAhhhhhh spend the whole week looking forward to the moment my friend came by with a box of these!!

Because it's Easter and because of my motto ' When you do something, do it good' 
I ordered a whoooole box of these.....for..... me!

Actually, don't need to justify my sweet tooth!!
I tried, what I thought, the whole menu!
The carrot cake one, the chocolate one, the banana-nut one, the speculoos one, the pb&j one,....

While talking about them all day long , a friend pointed out that there are a whooole lot more flavours!


Where's that phone number!? Here we go again!!

To shop: Lilicup - 65 Rue du Page - 1050 Brussels
To order: + 32 (0)2 538 02 68


Anonymous said...

merci,merci voor deze tip!!!

na de 12 de april bestel ik ook al een doosje(alleen voor mij!!) can t wait!! :)


les petites pestes said...

Na de 12de?
Something special going on??

Laat je maar es goed gaan!

Blijkbaar is de Vanille- Violet echt de moeite!!
Let me know if you enjoyed your cupcakes as much as I did!!!